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Published: 2021-06-29 02:02:43
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Nadine Esparza10/5/00ENG.
1A TH 6-9The idea of a man coming to terms with his sexuality is always one that is relevant in our American culture. Its sad to know that in this day in age of advanced technology on society will always be hung up of the life style and preference of other individuals. “In And Out” as a movie did a good job at addressing this issue and making it light hearted enough for people to see, and possibly under stand. Im sure that we all known some one in some way that weve thought to be homosexual: or at least weve considered them to be “Feminine” for a guy or to “Masculine” for a girl.
With this we have our “doubts. “With this movie taking place in a “Typical” suburban city it gives every one a chance to relate with the characters, from the high schools students all the way to the elderly grand parents. This allows the main character to touch the lives of every one. It also shows a little of why he cannot admit to himself his sexuality. He lives his entire life trying to live up to expectations of his community.
However he doses know that within his true self needs to escape and some time dose, with his fascination for Barbara Strisand and other typical homosexual interest. However he miserably fails the “man” requirements but dose make the scene very funny. Howard, the movies main character is engaged to a beautiful woman, who becomes confused about her fiance when the first accusation of Howards homosexuality comes out. Howard is a school teacher but when the roomer starts his students dont know how to react, they dont know if its “True” or not However a few of them are mature enough to still accept and appreciate the help he has given them through the years. From helping them with schoolwork to helping them get to college, his good natured heart never lets them down. Howards mother is typical of most mothers in the way shes so adamant about, how she wants to see a big wedding before she dies.
This is also another reason Howard attempts to oppress his sexuality. He feels that he must give his parents what they want. This is some thing that I am sure most of us can all relate too. Howard starts to become questionable even to him self.
He seeks the advice of his local church clergyman who asks about his sex life with his fiance. When its reveled that they been together three years with no sex the priest even thinks Howard is gay. He recommends that Howard run home and “Take” her. Even though he claims he is old fashioned and he wants to wait till after the wedding.
He tries to do so but doses not succeed. This is another example of him hiding his identity as well as adding to his own personal confusion. As Howards uncertainty builds he becomes a nervous wreck; his community starts to ostracize him. The pressure from his wedding is rising, then at the most awkward time one of his close friend admits that he him self is gay to Howard.
As Howard tries to explain his story and his reasons his friend kisses Howard. Inflicting an even greater confusion within him. Ultimately on his wedding day Howard finally realized and admits his homosexuality. Unfortunately its at the altar in front of every one. After his “Coming out” its when every thing crashes down.
With this incident you can almost imagine the shock every one is feeling. It shows the awkwardness one faces, as well as the surprise to every one else. Finally every one shows their support for Howard by trying to help him retain his position as a teacher, and respecting his choice. Unfortunately life is not a movie. The out come is not always the same. People do not always understand.
Sadly people live their entire lives trying to make others happy and in doing so loose track of their own happiness. I think “In And Out” was able to show some of the tribulations people go through when they are confused with sexuality. The movie showed us what to expect, and allowed us to laugh at our selves, and maybe under stand others better. Bibliography:

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