Utopian Society – The Giver Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:02:20
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What would your life be like in a utopian society? Jonas knows what it is like.
He has lived in one for twelve years. At the age of twelve he is chosen to bethe Receiver. + Through the essay one will be aware of the memories Jonasreceived, the results of the memories, and the wisdom he gained as a result ofthe memories. Memories play an important role in The Giver.
For example, this is thefirst memory Jonas received: Then he shivered. He realized that the touch ofthe hands felt, suddenly cold. At the same instant, breathing in, he felt the airchange, and his very breath was cold. (p.
80) This was the memory of a sledride in the snow. Although this memory is happy, as the book continues herealized memories arent all happy. Results play a major role in the conclusion and what makes The Giverend the way it does. This is when a major change in the relationship betweenJonas and the Giver takes place: The Giver looked away as if he could notbear to see what he had done to Jonas.
Forgive me, he said. (p. 120) Afterthis took place Jonas started to change and to realize a lot of things. Thus,some results are positive, but also some are negative. Wisdom is the final topic discussed in the essay.
Jonas learns a lot andbecomes wiser throughout the book. It is easy to see wisdom through hisactions that follow: Methodically Jonas hacked the fish in to pieces with asharp rock and fed the raw shreds to himself and Gabriel. (p. 173) This eventtook place after Jonas took Gabriel and ran away. Because of the situation hefaced, Jonas had no choice but to rely on his wisdom.
In a utopian society ones life wouldnt really be his own. No onereally has a life or freedom in a utopian society. Through memories, Jonaslearned a lot. The results of the memories gave him wisdom.
The wisdomJonas gained helped him and Gabriel survive. Of all the three topicsdiscussed, wisdom plays the biggest role of all.English Essays .

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