To Kill A Mockingbird Persuasive Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:00:47
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To kill a mockingbird by Harper leethe book to kill a mockingbird is about a small country town with many racial problems with a trial on a black man who is accused of raping a white girl the odds are against him and he has no one to defend him except one man who isn’t overcome by the racism in the town so he decides to defend the mans life. the man being accused of the crime is tom Robinson and the girl accusing him is mayella ewell and the lawyer defending tom Robinson is atticus finch. The whole story pretty much revolves around atticus finch and his family mainly his daughter scout and also her brother jem. There is another intertwining story in the book with the children they pass by the house of a mysterious man named boo radly they torment this man only because they know so little about him and think he is a hermit.
But little did they know that he really is not. and that in the end of the book it turns out that the mysterious boo radly will save their lives. Back to the trial, everyone in the town thinks that atticus is a “Niger-lover” but its not that way at all he is just a man apart from prejudice he feels that everyone should have their rite to be justified. At the trial it goes pretty smooth for atticus and tom Robinson and when the verdict came out he was guilty. They were in shock they showed so much hardcore evidence but it seemed as though the jury felt like if they ruled him not guilty they would be disliked by the rest of the town.
But at the end tom Robinson was killed trying to escape or at least that’s what they told everyone. I think that they just killed him and he really didn’t try to escape from the prison he was in. so back to the other part of the book with the children, the children are confronted and are almost killed by bob ewell mayella ewell’s father, but the children are saved by the mysterious boo radly. He fights off bob ewell as the children got away jem had a broken arm and scout got away with a few bumps and bruises.
Boo radly killed bob ewell in the fight but was not prosecuted. the meaning of to kill a mockingbird is “it is a terrible thing to kill a mockingbird because all that they do is sing for us and do us no harm”. This takes many different meanings one of them being that boo radly is a mockingbird and he does no harm he has only helped so the children realize this and will not make fun of boo radly ever again. Another is tom Robinson he has done no wrong yet he has been prosecuted for no reason at all.

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