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Published: 2021-06-29 01:59:58
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. fuck you asshoEvelyn HumesEnglish 1010ArgumentFinal POLYGAMY is it EvilOr is it Getting a Bum RapAs a general rule I dont spend much time contemplating political affairs on the news. My interest in politics is minimal and I feel that most of what is said is a bunch of rhetoric, where common sense solutions or agreements are never the norm. But, with all the media attention lately on polygamist, Tom Green, my curiosity was piqued and I wondered about the timing and why Green was being prosecuted when polygamy has not been a punishable offense since the debated raid on a polygamist community at Short Creek, Arizona on July 26, 1953. On Friday May 18, 2001, Tom Green was found guilty of four counts of bigamy and one count of failing to pay child support. I hope to convince you that polygamy is not the menace to society that David Leavitt presents it to be and why polygamy needs to be legalized.
Bigamy is against the law in Utah, and if I have a provable case, I have a duty to prosecute it, Juab County Attorney David Leavitt said But should bigamy be against the law? The First Amendment to the Constitution states, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;. So how is it that the government is involved in an institution sanctioned by God himself. Polygamy has been practiced for thousands of years by mankind. The Christian church accepted and practiced polygamy until the seventeen century.
Charles A. Rubenstein Evelyn Humes, p. 2reports that Mosaic law had no exception to the accepted practice of polygamy. The Old Testament patriarchs from Abraham to Solomon had plural wives and/or concubines. Opponents to polygamy claim that laws are needed to preserve and protect societys most important unit, the family. Women are made slaves they claim and the children are brainwashed and in some cases abused.
Young girls in their early teens are forced to marry men thirty or more years their elder. The Green case is a good example. Tom Green is facing child rape charges stemming from his marriage to Linda Kunz when she was only 13. Why has it taken the state 15 years to decide to seek justice in this case; the courts should have intervened when these women were in their teens. The name David Leavitt was not well-known, now we all know that he is a prosecuting attorney in Juab County and the brother of Mike Leavitt the Governor of Utah, who themselves have a heritage of polygamy. Green has been on several national news programs such as Dateline, The Today Show and the Sally Jessy Raphael Show talking about his lifestyle, not the image that the state of Utah would like to have portrayed especially with the Olympics Games just around the corner.
And, it needs to be considered that Green is an easy target. Who is going to object, no public outcry, certainly other polygamist are not. We already have laws dealing with statutory rape, child abuse, welfare fraud and murder let the courts justifiably seek punishment on these abuses, but the institution of plural marriage as it was first introduced is not a threat to society and is protected by the First Amendment. In this age of same sex partners, partial birth abortions, the debate to legalize marijuana, and the legalizing of RU-486 a pill that terminates pregnancies up to seven Evelyn Humes, p. 3weeks, polygamy as a plague on society pales in comparison.
In The Daily Herald, David Leavitt estimated, a very rough preliminary estimate, that cost for the bigamy trial was $24,000. There are approximately 30,000 polygamists in the western United States. It will be a very expensive proposition if the courts start down that road. Those outside of Utah have a negative perception of polygamy that comes from the media news of the few religious fanatics. People like Lafferty, who said that God told him to kill his sister-in-law and the Lebaron and Kingston clans who

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