The World’s Longest War Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:03:13
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The World’s Longest WarWhere We AreJournals practice a laudable self-censorship of criticism of religions.
The mostvicious devil worship is mentioned with little comment and then only in crimereporting of the atrocities committed. This is a good thing. Religious hatredsare so easily inflamed, and there is so much history of religious persecution,that we are much better off with this self restraint. Furthermore the separationof church and state is spelled out in our constitution and is practiced in mostcountries of the world, even in the former USSR and China. In democracies it islegal for a political party to yearn for religious domination, but in alldemocratic countries such parties are very small and never reach the stage ofchallenging their constitutions. The name “Christian Democratic Party,” commonin Europe, refers to moral roots, not to theocratic ambitions.
The consequenceof this separation of church and state is that political contention is notpoisoned by religious hatred. There is one exception, Islam, a theocracy which has savaged the world for overa thousand years. Its religious doctrine is that church and state are one andthat canon law and civil law are one. It periodically believes that unbelieversmust be converted or conquered and that hating infidels is a virtue and killingan infidel is a ticket to heaven. In many of the faithful this religiousfanaticism has merged with the secular fanaticism of Marxism-Leninism to make awitch’s brew of hate and savagery against Christendom and capitalism.
(‘Americais the Great Satan. ‘)The demise of Marxism-Leninism in Europe does not extend to the Middle East. Russian and Chinese weapons continue to be sold for Arab oil money. Duringcenturies of warfare the western countries have become democracies. Even EasternEurope is avalanching into democracy. But, except for present day Turkey andsome Far Eastern countries which practice a mild form of Islam, the Moslem worldis run by military dictators, theocratic oligarchies, or a combination of both.
A short list of these contemporary dictators (most entitled “President” or”King”) includes: Ghadaffi of Libya, Assad of Syria, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, theMullahs of Iran, Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Hussein of Jordan, and the competingwarlords in Lebanon and the PLO. This theocracy has conquered or converted much of the civilized world. It’sconquests have been impeded more by internal factional wars, murders, andschisms than by resistance of its victims. It is now on the rising slope of itsnext onslaught.
It can not yet attack the superpowers in open warfare. Israel isa salient of the West in the Middle East so open warfare has been repeatedlywaged against it, so far unsuccessfully. Instead Islam fights on six fronts and prepares for more. The first front is terrorism. Moslems blow up airplanes and buildings. The carbomb is a favorite weapon.
When the hand carried American Stingers fromAfghanistan, and Russian SAM 7s from all over, are deployed near airports withinthe next few years, air travel will be utterly disrupted. Moslems hijackedairplanes until we installed, and continue to operate, expensive securityequipment at airports. They kidnap hostages. They murder with guns and withbombs. Since killing infidels is entree to heaven, they are today’s suicideKamikazes.
The second front is armament. Conventional warfare capability in guns, tanks,rockets, and airplanes from the former USSR and China, in large armies of men,now exists and is growing. Mustard gas and nerve gas are made in their ownfactories with equipment bought from European and American companies. (Leninsaid ‘The capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with. ‘)The third front is the development of nuclear bombs and the missiles to deliverthem. (Kamikaze airplanes will do as well, as will smuggling.
) Large, long rangemissiles are bought from China to deliver present poison gas, germs, and thefuture “Islamic bomb. “What will any American or European government do whenthreatened with a destroyed city? Cave in to the blackmailers, of course. The fourth front is the oil weapon, invented in 1973, and used on us ever sinceby OPEC. It drains the world economy, it finances terrorism, armamentacquisition, and nuclear bomb development, and it is a continuing blackmail ofwestern diplomacy under threat of restoring the panic of 1973-74.The fifth front is diplomacy, incremental conquest by the “Peace Process.” It isbased on the American internal political benefits of appearing as peace maker.We coerce Israel to retreat in stages and reward the Moslem countries withsubsidies and debt cancellations

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