Salem Witch Trials Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:03:10
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Dearest James,It has been a long time since we have talked. I hope you and your family are well in Jamestown, give your parents my best wishes, and tell your sister hello for me. I am writing to you in hopes that this will not be my last letter; for everything has gone to pieces in Salem.
It all started when Faith and I decided one night to meet out in the field and play games in the moonlight. We meant no harm by it; we only thought it might be a bit fun to do something different. We never thought anyone would see us. FlashbackMary laughed heartily.
“Stop it Faith, hush. You are being too noisy, some one may hear us, and then what would we do?” Faith giggled as she spun around. “It’s gorgeous tonight, don’t you agree? The moon is at it’s fullest, the stars are as bright as the sun itself, and we have it all to ourselves. ” She turned to wait for a response, but Mary just shook her head.
“Oh come on Mary, you know you want to just get up and dance. Come on now!” Faith took Mary’s hands and pulled her up to her feet. “Faith, I really don’t feel like dancing. What if we were to get caught? Then what would people think? They’d think we were crazy as drunkards, that’s what. None of this, let’s go now.
“”Come on! Just this once, and then we’ll leave. Promise. ” Mary rolled her eyes but joined in as Faith began to hum and dance around. After a few minutes Faith caught a glimpse of some one walking down the road.
She slowly stopped dancing and tapped Mary on the shoulder. “Now who do you think that could be?” As Mary turned to look the man began jogging towards them. “Now look Faith, I told you we’d get caught. Come on now, we had better explain ourselves. ” Mary took Faith’s hand and led her out onto the road. “Mr.
Bradford!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing out at this hour?”His tired eye grew wide in surprise. “I I” he began to stutter. “I have to go ladies good night,” and he scurried off. Faith furrowed her brow in confusion.
“What do you suppose that was about?””I don’t know. ” Mary shook her head. “But I don’t like it, let’s get out of here. “Flash forwardJames, we had no idea anything would come of it. Mr.
Bradford was always a sweet man and he only seemed to be in a hurry. The next morning though, as I was sewing my apron, they came to our house. The whole lot of them. They took me James! They thought I was a witch and they took me from my home. FlashbackMary sat in her favorite chair, gently rocking back and forth as she patched her apron. It had snagged on a jagged edge of the table the previous night.
She was startled by a knock at the door. Slowly, Mary opened it and five men burst through the door. She recognized only two, Mr. Bradford and Reverend Thomas. “Why gentlemen, how may I help you?” Her face dropped as she noticed the stern expressions on their faces. Reverend Thomas spoke first.
“Mary, where were you last night? Is it true you were with Faith?”Mary nodded questioningly. “Yes, I was with Faith last night. What of it?” She began to take small steps backwards. “I’m not in trouble am I? We were only playing Reverend.
” He put his fingers up to his lips to signal silence. “Mary, is it true you girls were dancing?””Reverend, we only were being giddy school girls. We were happy that it was such a beautiful night””She conjured up a spell and killed my cow! That’s what’s true!” Mr. Bradford broke in. “She got scared that I would tell on them and so she called on the devil to silence me.
She killed my only cow!”She gasped. “Mr. Bradford!” Reverend Thomas nodded to one of the men. “Mary Ennis, you are under arrest for the crime of dancing at night to conjure up the devil.
Come with us now, your house will be safe.” The man took Mary by the wrists and brought her .

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