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Published: 2021-06-29 02:01:27
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The poem “l Died for Beauty’ by Emily Did coonskin uses strong metaphors, complex imagery, and allegory to create a theme of death an soul immortality. Emily Dickinson frequently uses metaphors in her poetry to enhance the text. She expresses the theme of her writing through symbolism rather than literal meaning. T his is evident in her poem “l Died for Beauty. ” One example that is obvious when reading this piece is the line “Until the moss had reached our lips” (Dickinson Line 11). From this, one can see that the writer is not referring to literal lips, but instead she is talking about the headstone in a chem. eatery.
By saying that the moss had reached their lips, Dickinson means that the moss on the gar mound had grown over the names on the headstones nearby. Because the headstones were also said to be having a brief conversation “We talked between the rooms” (Dickinson Line 10), Emily Dickinson use of metaphors proves the idea that she believes in immortal souls and embracing death rather than being afraid of it. Boyhoods 2 The theme in “l Died for Beauty’ is not only created by the use of metaphors, but complex imagery as well.
Emily Dickinson uses vivid vocabulary to paint a picture in t he reader’s mind. One line in particular that displays this kind of literary strategy is “Who en one who died for truth was lain” (Dickinson Line 3). This line shows that the right wording can change the meaning of a sentence. When Dickinson said that another body was lain, she is as Yin that someone else had made the same kind of sacrifice as herself. Using words like ‘lain’ h alps create an image in the reader’s head. Another quote that exhibits this is “In an adjoining ROR (Dickinson Line 4).
When the author wrote this, she meant that another dead body ha d been placed in the grave next to hers. This kind of vocabulary proves that Emily Dickinson wove the theme of her poems through the words and lines of the piece, thus creating a more meaningful message. Another element that contributes to the theme of soul immortality in “l Died for Beauty is allegory. Allegory is a common aspect to many poems and other literary genres but it can also be much more difficult to identify. In this piece, Emily Dickinson uses allegory to port ay the true meaning of sacrifice and embracing death.
An example of this in the poem is the line “We brethren are” (Dickinson Line 8). Despite its briefness and lack of explanation, this line e is powerful because the author uses allegory to show the relationship between truth an d beauty. Although the word brethren usually implies family relations, in this case it is used to represent the bond between two strangers who both died out of desire. Each character was see king something, one truth and the other beauty. Emily Dickinson uses allegory to portray t his and allows the reader to think for themselves.

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