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Published: 2021-10-23 11:00:01
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ZebraDeep ebony, blinding cream, these are the colors of the zebra. The zebrais one unique animal. Zebras are one of the marvelous animals in Africa. Aboutthe size of a small horse, these amazing animals are about 50-53 inches inheight.
When a male zebra grows up, he can weigh up to 520 pounds! It’s a goodthing that the female zebra is friendly. It can weigh a whopping 510 pounds,almost as much as the male! Zebras usually do not attack unless threatenedthough, whew! The large animal, the zebra, mates all year round, but mostlyduring the early rainy season. Eighteen male zebras battle it out with thedominant male at that certain time to see who has the rights to mate with thenumber one female. In three years, female zebras are able to mate, and the isable when he is about five. Found mainly in the Southern Savanna, these hungryzebras can also be found in the arid plains of eastern Africa. They are alsofound in many national parks because hunters kill countless zebras for theirpicturesque fur, much as the elephant for its tusks.
During the day, zebras arenot as active as they are at night. The zebra easily adapts to just aboutanything Africa can throw at them, from poachers to food shortage. Therefore,one of the most successful herbivores in Africa. These friendly zebras mainpredator is the lion.
When attacked by a lion, the zebra makes it difficult toeat just one zebra, so it is kind of “all for one, and one for all!”as the Three Musketeers would say. Also, poachers present another problem. People are trying to stop the hunting of endangered animals, but as long aspeople have the right to bear arms, we will keep running into this horribleproblem. The poachers get a large sum of money for killing these poor,defenseless, endangered animals, and selling their fur on the black market.
Zebras are Africa’s most brilliant painted horses. They are truly astonishinganimals. I think one should go see the zebras at the nearby Great Plains Zoo toget a real idea of what they look like. Thanks for reading my report on anextraordinary animal, The Plains Zebra.

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