Mandotory school Uniforms Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:03:31
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Mandatory school uniforms would make schools not only a better place, buta better learning environment. Uniforms give a sense of belonging and preventdress code problems. School uniforms are also very cost effective.
Some students feel they have to have the expensive designer clothes to fit inand be “cool”. Uniforms would allow every to wear the same thing and help kidsfit in. Not only would it help kids fit in but it would help kids concentrate onSchools have reported problems with gang colors and dress codes. Therehave also been reports of problems of kids being beat up for there clothes.
Thesekids were beat up because they were either wearing a certain color or they werebeing robbed of their expensive clothes. Uniforms would prevent in appropriatedress prevent gang color problems and thefts of clothing. Today’s designer clothes are very expensive. A pair of jeans for examplecan cost 70 to over a hundred dollars.
According to —— 3 sets of school uniformscost not more than 70 dollars. This 70 dollars includes 3 dress shirts and 3 pairs ofpants for the cost of one pair of designer jeans. Some states even have statefunding for uniforms this could bring the cost down to nothing. Inconclusion school uniforms are cost effective and prevent many problemsschools shouldn’t have to deal with. Uniforms help kids feel more comfortable inschool and would be one less thing students and parents have to worry about.

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