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Published: 2021-06-29 01:59:53
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well. I have realize that the people and government that maintain, cleanse, and protect the social fabric of America is a great one. But the social fabric of America is not as clean as we like to think it is. As a matter of fact the fabric has been stain quite a few times actually, and not with the type of stains that can be simply remove. But the kind of stains that take years of steam cleaning and chemical treatment to restore to its original condition. In this case, the stains I am referring to is regarding the internment of Japanese Americans and the long restoration period it took for Japanese Americans to restore their lives physically and mentally.
John Locke was an advocator of three natural rights: life, liberty, and property. The Japanese who were detain lost all of these, including life. When I mean life I don’t mean being executed, but when you lose your liberty and property based on your ancestry; your whole life has been basically stripped away from you, so what is life then?A long history of Anti-Japanese sentiments fueled by economic competition and racial stereotypes propel the frontrunner(in my opinion) of this unconstitutional act, General DeWitt, to make it a personal quest of sort to assure a forced exodus of Japanese American into internment camps, ran by the WRA. The decision of internment was implemented towards Japanese Americans living on the west coast in 1942 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Claims of Japanese soldier being aid by Japanese American to help plan the attack on pearl harbor caused concern for the general public.
The fingers of dead Japanese’s soldiers were allege to have worn class rings from Hawaii university. But what made matter was when many influential news and media sources failed to investigate these claims of Japanese American sabotagesagainst the united states. the media didn’t take time to check questionable evidence of regarding these claims. The majority of the media were being bias by leading public opinionpolls against Japanese’s Americans instead of presenting evidence. Few journalists have claim there was no differences between u.
s citizens of Japanese ancestry and the Japanese citizenswho attack pearl harbor. A popular slogan for the journalist who felt this way was ” A viperis nonetheless a viper wherever the egg is hatched. So a Japanese -American grows up to bea Japanese not an American. This wartime hysteria was one of the prelude for the internment. Another cause for the internment came from the white farming communities. To understand the premise of this support we have to look back to 1905, when delegates from 67 organizationassemble in San Francisco, California, to form the Asiatic Exclusion League, later known as the Japanese Exclusion League.
After the transcontieal railroad was completed in 1869, competition for jobs increased. Many organization labor groups first blamed Chinese, the laterJapanese immigrants for unemployment and low wages. The league pressured congress to keep Japanese Americans out of agriculture and other industries, and to stop all immigration of Japanese to the U. S.
But Japanese American found loop holes through the alien land laws and became a dominant force in Agriculture productions. Ultimately, to regain their thrown asthe crop kings of the west, the white farming communties supported the internment.

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