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Published: 2021-06-29 02:00:25
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Jurassic Park is divided into seven sections, each with a quote fromIan Malcolm. He was a mathematician who specialized in the field calledchaos theory, which based itself mainly on nonlinear equations.
The firstsection follows the paths of several scenes, where in each one, there isevidence pointing to the appearance of dinosaurs. One of these scenesincluded in the very beginning, where a man was flown in to a doctor withmortal wounds surrounding his body. One of his last words was “raptor”,which meant “bird of prey. ” Another was when a young girl was bit by a socalled lizard, but the lizard fit closely to the description of a dinosaur. The second section ties in with the first one, but now the reader ispresented with scientific evidence of living dinosaurs.
Here the reader isgiven a little insight of the background to the situation, as Bob Morris,part of the EPA, reveals information that InGen had three Cray XMP’sshipped to Costa Rica, which were very powerful supercomputers, and 24Hoods, which were automated gene sequencers. Later on, the carcass of adinosaur, which was found near the sight where the young girl was bit, wassent to a lab to be examined, and it was identified as a Procompsognathus,thought to be extinct for millions of years. The scientists who witnessedthe evidence, Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant, both foremost in the fields ofpaleontology, were soon requested to fly down to a private island off ofCosta Rica by John Hammond, founder of InGen. A little later on in thesecond section, the story unfolds somewhat, when the scene shifts to ameeting of the Biosyn Corporation of Cupertino, where they explain thatInGen was cloning dinosaurs. The Biosyn company then hires Lewis Dodgson,an scientists who worked at InGen, to help them steal dinosaur embryo’s forthem. He starts off toward Costa Rica as Ellie and Grant arrive in JurassicPark, and get their first glimpses of the dinosaurs.
The third section begins with Ellie and Grant about to tour the park. They are joined by two children, the grandchildren of Hammond, Tim and LexMurphy. Tim was only eleven but he knew a lot about dinosaurs because hewas very interested in them. The small group is first taken on a tourthrough the main building of the park by Mr. Regis, head of PublicRelations. Here is when Regis explains the process in which the dinosaurswhere able to be cloned.
He explained that to obtain full strands ofdinosaur DNA, they extracted the blood from ancient insects, hoping to findbiting insects which still had dinosaur DNA within them. Regis then takesthem to a room where the Cray super computers are busily working, repairingbroken DNA segments. Then they arrive in the fertilization room, and thenthe hatchery. Later, they are taken to the control room, where almost allthe park functions could be maintained. The main computer sustainedaccurate numbers and locations of all the dinosaurs in the park, motiondetectors where set up throughout the park, and video cameras. So it wasvirtually a foolproof system.
After leaving the control room, the visitorsclimb aboard Toyota Land Cruisers, which acted as the mode oftransportation throughout the park. They move along the park, looking atDilophosaurus, Triceratops, and the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. Everything was going all as planned, but as Ian Malcolm had predicted,things started to go wrong. First, back at control, they did scans aroundthe park and found out that the dinosaurs were breeding, something theywere genetically not able to do. Next, Alan, and the kids saw that a groupof raptors, fierce predators, were about to board a ship headed toward themainland.
But at that exact time it began to rain and Dennis Nedry, hiredby Lewis Dodgson to steal the embryo’s, shut down the main power to themain computer. This started a chain reaction that escalated to theAnd so begins the fourth section of the novel. When Nedry had shut offthe main computer, all the electricity in the park went down as well. Thiswas bad timing, because Alan, and the kids were trapped in the LandCruisers right next to the T-Rex pin.
And because the electricity was out,the fences all around the park were not electric, which allowed the animalsto get free. And this meant bad news for Alan and the group since they knewthat

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