Hopes and Dreams Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:00:09
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Hopes and DreamsScience has been the backbone of my life ever since my high school daysin Malaysia. Although I studied many science subjects like Physics and Biology,I was especially fond of chemistry. My fondness of chemistry was attributed tomy chemistry teacher Mr.
Ang, in the eleventh grade who motivated me to exploreevery topic in great depth. He always gave me great advice, and I was greatlyinfluenced by his spirit and values. Before I applied to universities in Malaysia, I attended variousseminars which gave advice to students who were applying to universities andcolleges. It is here that I got the most important advice of all, “Chose amajor in a field that interests you. ” It did not take long before I wasaccepted to the xxxx University, and I chose Chemical Engineering as my field ofstudy. Unfortunately, I had to deny the offer since my family had decided tomove to the United States of America.
Moving to the States has not been easy. I have not only encounteredcultural differences, but a lot of difference in the educational system as well. But my goal to major in Chemistry still remains unchanged, and my options havewidened. Last year, I learned about the Center for Science Excellence in one ofmy Chemistry classes, but I wasnt aware of the many advantages and rewards ofbeing part of such a remarkable program. As a newcomer, I have made numerous mistakes in choosing my courses andI need a lot of good advice and guidance. The Center for Science Excellence isexactly the type of program that can fulfill these needs, and help to put me onthe right track instead me personally learning from costly mistakes.
CSE iscenter which guides many other science students. It would be very helpful tomake friends with other science students with whom I can exchange knowledge,ideas, and friendship. The internships that CSE provides to its students wouldhelp me gain experience and exposure to various areas in science which interestme, and hopefully guide me to the job of my dream. The guided study sessions would be a great asset to my education andwould greatly increase my chances of being successful in every class. Thevarious seminars and guest speakers would give me knowledge that isnt in theschool syllabus, and help expand my view of the scientific world.Being accepted as part of the Center for Science Excellence will notonly help me succeed as a student, but it would give me a head-start towards mygoals in life.Biographies

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