Heroism Essay Introduction

Published: 2021-06-29 02:00:10
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Heroism is portraying qualities of courage, bravery, and valor along with many other highly dignified traits. The crew of Apollo 13 displayed much bravery and courage. The time and dedication it took to show many emotions were greatly shown.
Courage was shown many times throughout the film. It was shown when the astronauts were up in space and had to be able to battle out the cold when there was not enough power to generate the heat. That particular event would take much courage, physical strength, and determination in order to withstand the cold. Other scenes that portrayed courage included when they had first been training to be astronauts. The courage needed to be put into the machine and be able to withstand the extreme gravitational forces on the human body would be immense.
Courage includes the state of mind that allows someone to face danger with confidence. Bravery was shown throughout the movie also. There were many particular scenes that needed bravery to be used in order to gain the attention of the viewing audience. Bravery was shown when the crew was getting ready to be launched into space.
That particular scene showed the immense nervousness and bravery that needed to overcome the nervousness. Bravery was also shown when the crew needed to repair the shuttle after some problems arose throughout the mission. The bravery it took to go outside of the shuttle and resolve the problems were shown in the film. Bravery can also be known as having magnificence and splendor qualities.

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