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Published: 2021-06-29 02:02:41
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Have thought a lot about my language arts teacher today and how do not want to lose her. My mom has a teacher she used to have that has a mode that says once a student always a student and that is true for the two of us because we are friends!!!! Will still be reading a lot next year because she encouraged me to and because learned a life lesson that is what reading can do for your life and I hope I can teach my friend Jean that lesson!! Will remember my teacher forever and hope she knows that I Will miss her very much”!!!!!
She has changed y life because have my love for reading back and have realized that it would be stupid Of me to feel like am not a good reader or writer ever again. I have a special place in my heart for her and even though I may not be living In Kentucky when grow up Will still remember her! Will remember her until I die and when come home to see my parents may be able to see her!!!!!! Love her so much and she loves me to. We are so close that I am praying to see what the best thing is for me to do for my career and where he wants me to live.
I have a feeling that e is telling me to live in Kentucky near my parents and to work at the middle school and live in New York in the summer times to work with Jean!!!!! I may go live in New York while I’m getting my teacher degree so that can help Jean get the Bakery Shop started. That’s just in case Mrs… Animating is still working at the middle school when I get out of college. Am going to college for a total of 8 years, but I am getting my teacher degree first and then am getting a music degree online instead with my cousin.
So that means that in eleven years which hat is including 8th grade I would be trying to get a job at the middle school, will see what the lord wants me to do, but do feel that he is telling me to do that hope can do that without my friend Jean getting mad. I want to teach Language arts because Mrs… Animating has taught me a lot of things emotionally that want to teach other people especially the lesson have learned about what reading can do for your life. Also want to teach language arts so that can encourage people to love to read just like Mrs… Animating has done for me.

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