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Published: 2021-06-29 02:03:32
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College Admissions EssaysI Love Electronics I have been interested in electronics since I was a child. At the age 5 I made a plug of aluminium foil and I put it in the electrical wall socket. To my surprise I got an electric shock, the wall and socket consequently became blackened, we had no electricity for the rest of the day (I wasn’t at all very popular). Following on from this incident, I was often found sitting by the side of the blackened socket looking at it and thinking.
I never did try to make another aluminium foil plug. My father was greatly interested in electronics. When I was 7 years old he made his first black and white television. We often had father-daughter chats about electronics. I used to assist him with great enjoyment, these jobs ranged from passing him resistors of the correct value (I hope), to the manufacture of PCBs.
In my infancy electrical appliances fascinated me and the iron was the first I thoroughly discovered. It started with me watching my mother doing the ironing, she was very happy to see me watching, she thought one day I would make someone a very good housewife. But after a while her irons would slowly disappear one after the other, until finally one day she found an iron totally dismantled in the bin. She had discovered that my real intention wasn’t to understand the finer points of house work but science.
After the “iron in the bin” episode I was continually in trouble with my mother, but my father was very proud of me in the way that I wanted gain an understanding basic science. Later my father and I used to have competitions against each other to see who could make better electronic devices, like amplifiers, speakers, mini radio, etc. . . It used to take me ages to make these devices operational and they were always of an inferior quality of my fathers, until one day, my father said to me that even he could not do a better job.
These words from my father positively overwhelmed me and I will never forget this day!

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