Death Of A Salesman Essay Miller And Aristotle

Published: 2021-06-29 02:01:07
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The book Death of a Sales man is a story in which the character Willyplays a big role in. There are causes for Willy’s downfall, which shall beexplained in this paper. Willy was angry at his sons Biff and Happy forthe way they lived their lives and not living up to his expectations, andhe was angry that he lost his job. The first reason why Willy is in adownfall is because he is angry with his son, Biff, for the way he livedhis life. Willy is angry at Biff because he wasn’t living up to his expectations isone reason why he is in a downfall.
This is one reason why he is in adownfall; he gets angry at Biff whenever he comes around the house becausehe is so young and making little money. “. . . And then the closer you seem tocome the more shaky he gets and then. .
by the time you get here. . he’sarguing. He seems angry at you”.
This quote relates to the thesis becauseit tells how Willy reacted around Biff and how he is disappointed in him. Willy’s disappointment in Biff was one reason why Willy was in a downfall. Another reason why he is in a downfall is because not only was hedisappointed in Biff, he was disappointed in his other son Happy. Willy’s disappointment at his other son Happy for not living up to hisexpectations is another reason why he is in a downfall. This is a secondreason why Willy is in a downfall because Happy couldn’t become thebusinessman like Willy wanted him to be. “.
. we for two basketball teams,see? Two water polo teams. We play each other. It’s a million dollars worthof publicity. .
. we could sell sporting goods”. This relates to why Willy isin a downfall because this is just an idea that Happy thought of that neverends up working in the end and Happy still has to wait to become themerchandise manager. Willy’s disappointment in his other son, Happy, fornot living up to his expectation of being “the man on top” is a secondreason why Willy is in a downfall. Another reason for Willy’s downfall washe losing his job.
Willy’s downfall directly relates to the loss of his job. Willy, a well-known businessman, became in need of money when his salary was taken away. The loss of his job also meant a small funeral for him. “. .
He works for acompany for 36 years this march, opens up unheard of territories to theirtrademark, and now in his old age they take his salary”. This relates toWilly’s downfall because Willy’s pride was being taken away and he lost alot of respect for himself. For instance, he tried to commit suicide bydriving off a bridge, but the shallowness of the water saved him. All 3 ofthese reasons tell why Willy is in a downfall. There are causes for Willy’s downfall. Willy’s disappointment in Biff fornot matching up to his standards is one reason.
Willy’s disappointment inHappy for not matching up to his standards is a second reason. And afterWilly lost his job is the third and biggest reason for his downfall. In theend Willy killed himself, even after Biff told him that he really lovedhim.

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