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Published: 2021-06-29 01:59:53
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From the ancient times, cosmetology has been an inevitable part of society. Although there were no beauty salons and people had a different understanding of beauty, some hairstyles and beauty services that were popular hundreds of years ago remain popular even today. Nevertheless, the notion of cosmetology has been greatly changed since the previous centuries, and modern cosmetology offers a wide range of services for people. The profession of a cosmetologist has become one of the most popular occupations. These days, one may meet a cosmetologist not only in medical establishments and laboratories but also in beauty salons. Whether it is medical or aesthetic cosmetology, it is impossible to imagine our society without services all types of cosmetology have to offer. For sure, such problems as a dry or oily skin do not cause serious discomfort. Nevertheless, cosmetology becomes important when one has received burns or scars and requires the help of a professional.
Cosmetology Essay Sample
From the very childhood, many people have a strong passion for cosmetology. Being a little child, one may see every day how one’s mom does a make-up, styles one’s hair, or does one’s nails. Because of this fact, from the very childhood, cosmetology becomes an inevitable part of one’s life, and a child probably decides to pursue a career of a cosmetologist to open one’s beauty salon. Even those people who are not interested in this sphere at all once face a question: “What does beauty mean in our society? How to define whether a person is beautiful?” Fortunately, cosmetology can answer these questions. The thesis statement of this essay is that cosmetology is important to modern society as it helps one to meet beauty standards, contributes to one’s confidence, and increases aesthetic values.
The first and probably one of the most important values of cosmetology is that it helps people meet the standards of society. A specialist in this career helps people to care for their beauty. He or she can handle different problems with one’s skin, hair, or nails. Defining the word a cosmetologist, it may be described as a person who is an expert in a particular area of beauty care and is aware of how to use different beauty treatments. For sure, one can perform beauty procedures not only at a beauty salon but also at home, making one’s hair or putting make-up without the help of a cosmetologist. However, only a cosmetologist helps to minimize the risks one may face while performing beauty self-treatment alone. Especially the chances increase that a person will not only get the desired result but also will make a situation even worse increase when one has no prior experience of dealing with one or that beauty product. Especially one should remember about this potential danger when one deals with such beauty procedures as hair color, haircut, and skin-care services. In this case, there are no doubts that the best result can be obtained only with the help of a trained beautician from this career.
Secondly, cosmetology contributes to one’s feeling of confidence. A cosmetologist is also a person who, with the help of dedicated work, gives people a chance to get rid of one’s flaws. As might be expected, it eventually helps a person to gain the needed self-confidence. It is also a well-known fact that true beauty is directly related to confidence. It is confidence that increases one’s self-esteem and pride in oneself. For instance, with a beautiful hairstyle and make-up, the chances that a person will conduct business negotiations important for one’s career successfully increase twice. Due to this fact, cosmetology is important as it does not only improve a person from the outside but also changes something from the inside, predetermining one’s destiny. It makes a person more confident in the face of any challenge in life. It goes without saying that a person’s appearance can greatly influence how others view his or her, as well as how that particular person relates to oneself and one’s beauty. Hence, the work of a cosmetologist is important today as never before as it is the first contributing factor to one’s feeling of confidence.
Lastly, cosmetology increases the aesthetic values of society. More and more people today are becoming interested in caring for one’s appearance, regardless of the fact whether they decide to work as a cosmetologist or not. Due to this fact, the modern market is full of home beauty products for skin and hair. When a person receives the scholarship to study at a cosmetology school, he or she should remember that the primary value of all cosmetologists is to promote on aesthetic work standards and share them in the community. Also, it should be mentioned that aesthetics is likely to change every year. Therefore, the career of a cosmetologist is probably one of the most fast-developing occupations. A cosmetologist should be aware of all new procedures and techniques to deliver the best possible service and make sure that clients are enjoyed with the results. Therefore, studying at a cosmetology school, every person should learn the effective ways of how to stay up-to-date with the changes in beauty care career.
In this paper, it was proved that being an inevitable part of society, cosmetology can transform one’s entire life. Due to this fact, these days one may see at least one beauty salon even at the smallest towns.  The career of a cosmetologist increases its popularity in the market. Considering the changing values of the modern community, cosmetology is a work that will always be relevant to the needs of society. Appearance matters a lot in the modern community. Those students who decide to become a cosmetologist should remember that, first of all, cosmetology is not just work. It is rather a passion that every person should have before choosing the cosmetology career path. It is also a unique talent that can change our society for the better.  Therefore, regardless of the challenges one may face at the beginning, the cosmetology career finally pays off.

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