Civil Disobedience and Passive Resistance Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:02:24
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Period 3
Civil disobedience is the refusal to obey a law out of a belief that the law is morally wrong. Passive resistance is the peaceful technique of demonstrating opposition to a governments law or activities by refusing to cooperate. Gandhi was influential in gaining independence from India through Civil Disobedience and Passive Resistance Essay.
A rule at Victor Valley High School that I believe is unreasonable and wrong is the prohibition of wearing flip-flops. In the VVHS Student Dress and Grooming Code, it states that Open toed shoes and shoes without a back strap present a possible safety hazard for all.
They are prohibited. Students are allowed to wear platform shoes, or high-heeled shoes, no matter what the height, as long as there is a back strap and the toes are covered. Flip-flops though, do not have a back and the toes are not covered. Therefore, flip-flops are banned.
I believe that this rule is absurd. High heeled and platform shoes pose a much greater threat than flip-flops.
You can fall much more easily while walking down the stairs in high heels. It is also much easier to sprain your ankle with a heel, rather than a flat heel-less flip-flop.
A way that students at Victor Valley High School could show civil disobedience is by having all of the students on campus wear flip flops on the same day. If the administration wanted to give referrals to all the students, or give them in school suspension, it would be to hard. It wouldnt be fair if they only punished some kids, so they would either have to punish all of them. This would give the administration a headache.
The only other way out is to not punish anybody. If they punished every single student in school, the school would have much greater problems than if they had just allowed students to wear flip-flops.
An example of passive resistance I could organize is to have every student on campus, no matter how much they got in trouble, to continue to wear flip-flops. The students would go to detention, Saturday school, and whatever other punishments they would receive. Pretty soon, the administration would realize it was an unreasonable rule, and they would hopefully get rid of it.
Like Gandhi, I would use passive resistance and civil disobedience to fight the authority against and unjust law or rule.

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