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Published: 2021-06-29 02:03:27
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Child Abuse Essay is the intentional, unexplainableinfliction of physical, moral, and sexual pain andsuffering on a child.
It is caused mainly by parentswho were maltreated as children themselves. Causesalso include stress, poverty, and/or unemployment. There are many cases of abuse, but those such as ElisaIzquierdos stand out. Child abuse consists ofvarious different causes, types, and cases. There are many causes for child abuse, but someproject over the rest. In some cases children aremistreated when parents or caretakers have maladaptiveresponses to stressful situations or feel powerless.
Searching for relief, they may hit someone with evenless power than them, and these are often children. Other times it is the result of family problems overwhich the abuser has no control. Alcohol was said tobe involved in fourteen percent of the cases of abuseand in eighteen and a half percent of the cases ofneglect. Religion, residence in the city or country,region of the country, and race are all related toviolence in a home. Approximately eighty percent ofthe child-abusers were themselves abused as children.
A high percentage of abusing parents feel that theyare legitimately exercising their parental right. Theparents injure their offspring hoping that the childwill change a manner or learn a lesson. They take theidea of discipline to a brutal degree. In some casesthe parents are simply too young and/or immature totake good care of their children. There is a higherpercentage rate of mistreatment in families with mixedreligion marriages. Very often it is a recollectionof small pressures that finally make a parent explode.
It is most likely that the abuser is employed onlypart-time or is jobless. Retired men and women arethe least likely to harm a child. Most of the abusersdo not suffer any kind of psychiatric illness. Because children with disabilities create more stress,they are more likely to be abused. Physical violenceis more common in poor families, families living understress or parents who suffered cruelty as children.
Types of abuse also vary. The broad picture includesonly moral, physical and sexual abuse, while in thenarrower picture each of these has its own sub-topics. The kind of abuse varies depending on the age of thevictim. Infant and pre-school children are morelikely to suffer fractures, burns and bruises. Thisis called the Battered child syndrome discovered byC. Henry Kempe.
Although school aged or adolescentfemales are more likely to suffer from sexualmolestation, there is a recently growing number ofsexual abuse of pre-school and male victims. Theabusers are usually men. Neglect is the physical oremotional harm resulting from parents failure to provide child with adequate food, clothing, shelter,medical care, education and/or moral training. Asymptom of neglect is underfeeding. The narrowerpicture of types of abuse includes unreasonablephysical violence, verbal abuse, failure to provideproper shelter, foodstuffs, medical treatment oremotional support, incest, sexual molestation or rape,and the making of child pornography.
Slaps andspankings are viewed by parents as a part of raising achild, however childless individuals are more likelyto view slapping and spanking as necessary, normal,and good. Slaps and spankings are or are not childabuse depending on the person who views it. Types ofabuse vary incredibly. There are many cases of abuse. In New York Cityapproximately two children are killed by abuse perweek.
Specific cases include one of a twenty-eightyear old mother who killed her three year old adoptiveson of a fatal beating in Wyandach, Long Island. Alsoone of a mother who punished her seven year old son byplacing him in a heated oven. There are thousands ofthese cases, but one that really stands out is that ofElisa Izquierdo. She was conceived in a homelessshelter and was born in 1989 addicted to crack. Elisawas a favorite pupil at school, and loved by almosteveryone.
As soon as she was born she was custody toher father Gustavo Izquierdo. Gustavo was a wonderfulfather until he died of cancer in 1993. Elisasmother Awilda was a crack addict, .

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