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Published: 2021-06-29 02:03:44
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Current Trends and Implications: Achieving Organizational Goals Using A Systems Approach ( Information Technology as a part of Your Competitive Strategy)Introduction to SeminarWelcome ladies and gentlemen, there are many of you here today from great distances and backgrounds of all sorts. I would like to start off first by thanking you for your time. New technologies everyday are radically changing existing industrys and creating new ones. This seminar focuses on these changes and understanding how they can help you achieve success or failure in the marketplace. Soon you will learn that your time here will give you great insight into current emerging and leading edge information and trends in using IS and IT as your competive strategy and advantage in growing your business.
Beyond that your employees and other attendees will be addressed with the challenges and issuses of the many different aspects of how these systems can help you implement strategys to make your existing systems more efficient. There are pros and cons with these technologys and systems, as is expected and everything here is not for everyone. What you can expect is that you will find something there for you and your firm to further explore and possibly implement into operations. The seminar is set up for everyone, there is insight and much more to gain from the knowledge that we have amassed for you.
Following will be how our seminar will run, summarizing and giving you a preview with how we implement the information to you and your clients. The Seminar will take place Friday and Saturday. It will be structured with breaks, your clients can choose which sections to attend, although we encourage the whole seminar, we know you and your clients may be issue specific. We highly recommend the seminar section on VoIP and RFID technology. Friday: 10:00 a. m.
– Meet and greet brunch, seminar attendees will be treated to a five star brunch to start the day off on a good foot. Here your clients can meet and mingle with business minds from all over the world. The experience and networking alone is wonderful. 11:00 – Seminar will begin, attendees will receive seminar materials, phamplets and packets, to go along with the seminar.
Also will be included is workbooks that provide material for the seminar and for practice and referecnce later. Go over schedule for the next two days. For the next three hours we will introduce the concept of the competitive advantage that is sought out by these IT and IS technologies. We will talk about VoIP, voice over Internet Protocol, how it can help streamline your business, make your intranets and networks more efficient and less costly. Show you how it can help with expansion and how it can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
We will discuss the costs and implementation of different systems, showing you the competitive advantages. These are all accompanied with real world examples as you will soon see. Following that discussion we’ll delve into the emerging world of RFID technology and the mandates that ensue them. With WalMart and the DoD have mandates for implementing use, RFID technology is emerging all over. There are two sides to the story, either way its coming and we are going to give you insight into this technology and tell you how it works, what it can do for you, and how.
We will discuss the costs, trends, and opinions. Question #2 REFERENCE ARTICLES 1VoIP links global company: call center operations at seven locations are streamlined, while costs are lowered. (Voice Networks)(Alpha Thought) Communications News, Jan, 2004 2 The State of RFID: Heading Toward a Wireless Internet of Artifacts,4814,95179,00.html3Privacy in public Worry About Long-Term Data Losses Will we access our saved data in 20 years? Sept, 1999,4814,37036,00.html5The Coming Robot Revolution,4814,94386,00.html 6 Riding Radio Waves eWEEK, May, 2004 by Larry Dignan 7RFID Adventure,4814,96012,00.html8 The Coming Battle of the Titans,4814,96318,00.html9 Apparel Maker Gets Instant Feedback With Online Survey To,4814,95814,00.html10 Documentum Saves Big With Web Conference Software for Training,4814,95820,00.html 11Personalize Your Job,4814,95943,00.html 12Phishy e-mails and Web sites: What’s your responsibility?,4814,95461,00.html Companies Fight Back Against Phishing Scams,4814,96549,00.html 13Blades, Camera, Action!,4814,96284,00.html 14Predictions For BI’s Future,4814,93940,00.html15Never, ever agree to ‘evergreen’ clauses,4814,41674,00.htmlActs of God .

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