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Published: 2021-06-29 02:02:48
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Aden worked for a film company where he writing scripts which expressed his political views and concluded that a director’s position held more authority, Aden was really a man concerned about authority and it was difficult for him to get his due because of his gay sexual orientation. He traveled all around the world in search of authority and gained respect through his poetry. While visiting Brussels, Belgium, he saw Burgher’s “Pall of Cirrus”, which inspired him to write the famous poem “Muse des Beaux Arts” The Fall of Cirrus is based on the myth Of Cirrus and his father, Deals’ escape from Crete.
Both Cirrus and his ether were imprisoned on the island of Minis for a long time and then one day Deals figured out how they could escape. Deals created bird Wings out of small and large feathers and used wax to bind them together. Before the two took flight, Deals warned his son and instructed him how to use the wings. “l warn you Cirrus, fly a middle course: don’t go too low or water weigh the wings down: don’t go too high, or the sun’s fire will burn them. Keep to the middle Boy Falling Out of the Sky’).
After his speech, Deals flew up into the air with Cirrus not far behind him. Amazed by the sight of the many islands he lee over, Cirrus flew higher and close to the sun, where the wax began to melt. Waving his legs and arms frantically he plunged into the Aegean Sea, where he drowned. Deals searched for his son until the bird-like wings appeared in the water and he recognized that his son was dead. The artist Pitter Burgher was said to have a humorous outlook overall on the myth, In Fall of Cirrus, there are a number of people out, going about their daily duties.
A Sheppard watches his sheep, ploughman bends over his plough near the sea; a huge boat sails by when Cirrus tell to his death that day. The image in the painting helps people live Burgher was being humorous as in the right hand corner a pair of legs, Cirrus’ legs kicks frantically. “Muse des Beaux Arts” which means “Museum of Fine Arts” is a poem about human suffering and how easily it is overlooked. In the first stanza Aden writes “it’s human position; how it takes place while someone else is eating or opening a Window or just walking dully 3-5).
He describes someone who strolls down the hall of a museum, passing paintings by the Old Masters. More specifically, the person passes paintings of suffering and birth of Christ and as thoughts of suffering run through his mind, he pushes these thoughts o the back of his mind and walks towards more paintings. He hurries off to less important paintings, which show children, ice skating and dogs doing what dogs The second stanza describes what happens to the person in the museum. He stops in front Fall of Cirrus and those same thoughts of suffering come back to him.
In the poem, Aden describes the image tooth legs sinking into the sea. It is amazing that Cirrus could have plunged into the sea so close to many people, like the ploughman, the Sheppard and passengers in the boat but no one was to his rescue. To them Cirrus is unimportant compared to the work they have to o that day. In the last two lines of the poem Aden says ” and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen / something amazing, a boy falling out of the sky had somewhere to get to and sailed calmly on”(lines 21-23).
He shows us how human suffering is overlooked, not only in the painting but also by museum- goers vivo pass the most important paintings and push their own thoughts to the backs of their minds. Aden compares the museum-goers in his poem to the ploughman in the painting; each ignores human suffering and continues with their daily duties. Aden ‘s “Muse des Beaux Arts” is in formative because t shows how even the suffering of Christ is easily overlooked by worshippers or non- worshippers Who go about their lives like a dog scratching his behind or children ice skating.
The poem informs the reader that a person never has enough time to spend observing human suffering or life around them, let alone each painting in a museum. It is not about suffering and mourning, but rather about the impossibility of sympathy. The average person in New York City can’t possibly give food to every homeless person, hut one thing he can do is “mourn the impossibility of mourning”. (Addend’s Muse Des Beaux Arts) W. H.

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