Acids And Bases Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:00:12
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What substances turned into Acids? & What substances turned into Bases?Hypothesis: Procedure: Pour about three milliliters of your sample in each of three test tubes. Pour the same amount on a watch glass. In the first test tube put in two drops of methyl orange and record the color. In the second test tube, put in two drops of bromothymol blue and record the color. In the third test tube, add two drops of phenothalein and record the color.
Using the watch glass sample, touch the tips of a red and a blue litmus paper and record the colors. Then touch the tip of a piece of pH Paper and record the color and match the color to the chart and record the pH. Methyl O Bromothymol B Phenothalein R Litmus B Litmus pH Paper Color Congo RAA- orange/red yellow clear red red pink(1) purpleOJ- red/orange yellow yellow red pink Orange(4) purpleHA- red yellow clear red red red(2) purpleBleach-orange yellow clear red red orange(4) purpleVinegar-red yellow clear red red red(1) purpleSH-orange blue red blue blue brown(12) orangeMouth wash-red yellow/green sky blue red red red(1) purpleLemon J-red yellow clear red red red(2) purpleWindex-Orange blue clear red blue orange(6) redPlax-orange blue lilac red red orange(6) peachPickleJ-red yellow clear red red red(4) brownDi gel- yellow blue lilac blue blue yellow(7) red Conclusion: Acids are chemical compounds made up of nonmetallic elements or polyotomic ions combined with hydrogen. They react with metals to release hydrogen and have a pH less than 7. That is why litmus paper turns red. So anything that turned red in my chart was an acid.
Bases are compounds made up of metallic elements or polyotomic ions combined with hydroxyl radicals. They are formed when some metals react with water and have a pH above 7. They turn litmus paper blue. So anything on my chart that is blue under litmus is Bases. So from my results it was very easy to clarify which substance was an acid and which one was a base.Science Essays

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